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What are the entry requirements for the admission?

Each course offered at the BTOS has its own entry requirements. More details can be found at the relevant course page.

Do you have class room based courses?

We have some training courses which require blended learning which may require class room based learning. Student enrolled on such courses will be informed about the venue at the time of their application.

Do you have pathways to University?

Our higher education diplomas lead to the University degrees e.g Level 6 diploma lead to Bachelors University Degree and Level 7 diploma leads to the university MBA or MSc Progremme.

How much study is required outside of classes?

This would depend on the diploma and learners ability to complete their course works.

What is BTOS’s policy on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

BTOS recognises the RPL enabled recognition of achievement from a range of activities using any appropriate methodology. Provided that the assessment requirements of a given unit or qualification have been met, the use of RPL is acceptable for accrediting a unit or a whole qualification.  Evidence of learning must be valid and reliable. RPL at BTOS will refer to the participation in structured assessment activities that our students normally would be required to undertake if they were enrolled in the qualification components, and credit transfer.

When do applications open and close?

We don’t have a closing or opening date. You can apply at anytime.

Is it necessary to be in the UK to do our courses?

NO, you can do our Online School courses in any part of the World.